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A woman is afraid of being bald and does not wash her hair for 3 months. The correct operation for hair loss is →

Due to severe hair loss, a woman in Guangdong saw on the Internet that some people did not wash and comb their hair for a month, and then a lot of hair grew. So she followed this method and did not wash and comb her hair for 3 months, and she grew some broken hair. , but his original hair was severely knotted and could not be growth cap
So why do people lose their hair? How to treat and prevent hair loss?

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Genetics, stress, endocrine disorders, etc. can cause hair loss

Hair loss troubles many people. "According to the statistics of the National Health Commission, there are currently 250 million people with hair loss in my country, of which androgenic alopecia accounts for 130 million, and there is currently no cure for androgenetic alopecia." Deputy Director of the Department of Dermatology, China-Japan Friendship Hospital, Hair Medical Center Director Yang Dingquan, chief physician, said.

Zhang Jianzhong, chief physician of the Department of Dermatology at Peking University People's Hospital, said that common causes of hair loss include genetic factors, excessive mental stress, drug side effects, endocrine disorders and diseases. Specifically:

Genetic factors often manifest as androgenetic alopecia. The scalp hair follicles of such patients are too sensitive to androgens in the body, causing the hair follicles to gradually shrink and cause hair loss. The offspring of people with androgenetic alopecia are at higher risk than the general population.

When patients suffer from anxiety, tension, depression and other negative emotions for a long time, it can lead to inhibition of hair growth function and enter the telogen phase, resulting in hair loss.

Heavy hair loss can be caused by the use of certain drugs, such as chemotherapy drugs used to treat malignant tumors.

Hair growth can be affected by a variety of endocrine hormones. When the human body has endocrine disorders, it can cause hair loss; the human body will experience hair loss symptoms when suffering from certain autoimmune diseases and scalp infectious diseases.

There are also some other factors, such as scalp trauma, aging, bad hairdressing habits, long-term smoking and other factors, which are also easy to induce hair loss.